• Saturday, September 29, 2018

V 3.0 of our FL3P billing platform is now live, and we're adding additional features over the coming months including:

  • Two Factor & SMS Authentication across the platform - including for order confirmations
  • A redesigned orders & payments workflow making it even easier to manage your own account securely
  • Single Sign On - login with your Facebook or Google accounts.
  • Access the FL3P Billing & Support system via your cPanel account with out the need to log in again
  • View, Accept & even Pay a Quote from within your account
  • Launching our affiliate & partner programs (email partnercare@getfl3pped.com if interested)
  • Launching our new Digital Products Range & Custom Project Order Forms which are all integrated into our Project Management System
  • Live Chat with our Sales / Support Crew directly from your account
  • Adding a whole stack load of domain extensions

Stay tuned to https://getfl3pped.com for our very exciting brand update coming over the next few weeks!