Customer Service Policy

By creating/confirming an account via, you and your associated business entities hereby agree to the following terms of serivce.

1. Definitions

  1. “FL3P” means FL3P PTY LTD of Victoria, Australia.
  2. “Customer” means the person or entity who ordered Service(s) from FL3P PTY LTD.
  3. “Customer Service” means the relationship between FL3P staff and the Customer, with the purpose of assisting the Customer with a question they have asked.
  4. “Service”, “Service(s)” or “Services” means any product(s) or service(s) the Customer has signed up to use. This can include, but is not limited to, the provisioning of space on one of our servers and a connection to and from the internet for web, email and FTP services to function at the level specified in the chosen service level, domain name registration or transfer or renewal, SSL, VPS and SMS services. These product(s) and service(s) are identified in full within the “sign up” and “service provision” emails FL3P has sent after you request for service. The specific details of the Services can be found by logging in to your client area on our website.
  5. “My Account” refers to FL3P’s customer account, billing and management portal, available online at

2. Acceptance

  1. The Customer signified acceptance of these Terms of Service, as well as our Privacy Policy, Acceptable Use Policy, Customer Service Policy, Service Level Agreement (where applicable) and any applicable Registrant Agreement, when they submitted their order to FL3P for an Account and/or Services and that order was accepted.

3. Appropriate Channels for Receiving Customer Service

  1. By submitting an eTicket through your client area to the appropriate department.
  2. Sending an email to the appropriate department (if applicable) using the details made available on the FL3P website at
  3. If eligible, by phoning 03 9088 3028.
  4. Customers who do not use the methods 3.1 through 3.3 to contact Customer Service are not covered by this policy and do so at their own risk.

4. Customer Conduct

  1. The Customer agrees to conduct themselves in an appropriate and professional manner when seeking Customer Service from FL3P
  2. FL3P staff will not respond to requests for Customer Service if the Customer:
    • a. Has used offensive or obscene language;
    • c. Has made threats of violence, legal action or referral to an external party (eg. Department of Fair Trading);
    • d. Has posted the issue or question on a public medium, such as forums or blogs, before it has been either raised with or answered by FL3P staff within an appropriate timeframe (refer to Section 6), or before the escalation process (refer to Section 5) has been completed.

5. Escalation Process

  1. Customers who are not satisfied with the Customer Service they have received from FL3P should ask for their eTicket, email or telephone call to be reviewed by the Customer Service Manager.
  2. If after this review the Customer is not satisfied with the outcome, the Customer should submit a new eTicket to the Management queue or send an email to with the following information:
    • a. A detailed explanation of the question or issue, with references to any prior eTickets, emails or telephone calls;
    • b. A detailed explanation of the outcome that would resolve the issue;
    • c. Any other information or details that will help FL3P to resolve the issue.
  3. If the Customer is still not satisfied with the outcome, or it has not been answered within the appropriate timeframe (refer to Section 6), the Customer should seek advice from external sources such as the Department of Fair Trading or Consumer Affairs in their state or territory.

6. Appropriate Timeframes

  1. eTickets and emails sent to FL3P seeking Customer Service should be answered by FL3P staff within two (2) business days. Each time a response is made by the Customer this timeframe will be reset.
  2. eTickets and emails sent to FL3P seeking an escalation to a Customer Service matter should be answered by FL3P management within three (3) business days. Each time a response is made by the Customer this timeframe will reset.
  3. Notwithstanding anything else in this agreement, the maximum aggregate liability of FL3P, any of its employees, agents or affiliates, under any theory of law shall not exceed a payment in excess of the amount paid by the Customer for the Service in question for the six months prior to the occurrence of the event(s) giving rise to the claim.

7. Customer Service Goodwill Credit

  1. From time to time, FL3P staff or management may make the decision to apply a $25.00 Customer Service Goodwill credit to the Customer’s account.
  2. This credit is not redeemable for cash and can only be used to purchase additional FL3P services or as credit on system generated invoices for Service renewals.

8. Non-compliance

  1. In accordance with Section 10.1 (a) of the FL3P Terms of Service, FL3P may suspend or terminate the Service(s) of a Customer who has refused to follow this policy when seeking Customer Service or escalating an issue.
  2. Any requests for Customer Service made outside of the guidelines set within this policy will not be covered by this policy.

9. Changes

  1. FL3P may amend the Customer Service Policy at any time. Should any change occur, we will advise the Customer by email and note the specific changes which have occurred, and provide fourteen (14) days notice before any changes are enforced.
  2. In exceptional circumstances, FL3P Management may be required to amend the Customer Service Policy and enforce the amendments immediately. If this is the case, the Customer will be advised by email and the circumstances will be explained.
  3. Our Customer Service Policy is made available online for viewing at

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